How to Avoid Some Common DIY Road Line Marking Mistakes

When you own a commercial facility, you may want to manage your own road line marking, meaning creating lines for parking lots and to direct traffic in and out of your facility. You can usually do this on your own as there is equipment you can buy or rent to make the job easy, but note that road line marking is not always as simple as you think. You want to ensure you take the time to plan the work and do it right, and avoid some common mistakes. Note a few of those here.

1. Map out and clear the path

Before you start putting down any marks, you want to map out the path and ensure it’s clear. Remove any branches, litter, twigs, and even gum wrappers that might interfere with the even coating of the paint. The path should also be cleaned thoroughly, and this should …

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2 important pieces of fire safety equipment every home needs

Fire can have a shattering impact on your home. It can race through your structural building in just a few minutes, giving you and your family members little time to get away. The resulting losses could be tragic, from property loss to severe injuries and even death. By installing fire safety equipment in your house, you can be well prepared to fight out the fire in the event of an outburst. Here are two vital pieces of fire safety equipment every homeowner needs to guarantee the safety of the occupants. 

  • Fire extinguishers

Another important piece of fire safety device is the fire extinguisher. Note that there are different forms of fire extinguishers suitable for different fire types. For your home, you should opt for a dry powder fire extinguisher. Typically termed as a multipurpose extinguisher, a dry powder extinguisher can extinguish all kinds of home fires, including solids such as …

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How to Add Style to Your Condo’s Balcony

Your condo’s balcony may not be much to look at if you’ve neglected it over the years or if your complex has never done much to give it a personalized look. You might even find that you don’t enjoy spending time out on the balcony because it looks so dull, but with a few simple touches, it may become the outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted. Note a few ways you can add style to your condo’s balcony, and remember to always consider safety when working at an elevated height and any restrictions you face from the condo complex as well.

1. Upgrade the railing

If allowed, upgrade the balustrade or railing and the balusters or bars under the railing. Don’t settle for simple, plain metal bars and a thin rail that may have been installed during construction. Choose a thick wood balustrade with scrolling iron bars as balusters, or add …

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