Strengthening Windows: 3 Tips for Cleaning Window Security Films

The numbers are rather startling: one home in Australia is broken into every 120 seconds. To prevent yourself from being a victim of residential burglaries and theft, secure your house to the best of your ability by upgrading to more secure locks, installing security systems and even installing window security films that will help strengthen the glass and make it a lot more difficult and time-consuming for burglars to break in. To maintain the effectiveness of the security films, keep the films clean using these 3 tips.

Use a Soft Cloth

Window security films are made from layers of strong and durable polymer that prevent the glass from shattering. While the polymer is quite tough and can endure quite a lot of wear over the years without compromising its function, you should still be careful when handling the film. Avoid using any cleaning supplies and tools that may be …

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