Maintenance Tips for Your Multi-Split Systems Outdoor Unit

A multi-split air conditioner will allow you to cool or warm multiple rooms in your commercial building without going through the hassle of turning on several traditional window units installed in each room. What is more, unlike window-type units, which are notorious noise makers, noise-causing parts like the compressor and the condenser fan are found in the outdoor unit of multi-split air conditioners, resulting in less disruptive noise. Considering these benefits, multi-split air conditioning is an ideal solution if you are looking for a cost effective and a quiet way to regulate temperatures inside your business premises.

If you are making an upgrade from window-type units to multi-split air conditioning, you will have to take extra maintenance steps to ensure that your new air conditioner’s outdoor unit remains working properly for as long as possible. Here’s some useful advice on what you can do.

Cover the outdoor unit.

Will the …

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