3 Ways to Make Your Front Door More Secure

Are you worried about your house being broken into? Given that there are 200,000 burglaries in Australia every year, this fear is not unfounded. If you’re looking to increase your home security, don’t spend all your money on security cameras — as simple as it sounds, securing your front door is also crucial in preventing a burglary. One company in the United States found that the majority of burglars entered their victims’ homes through the front door. Here are 3 ways to prevent such brazen thieves from getting into your property.

Upgrade to Solid Wood

The first thing you’ll want to think about is your door itself. Do you have a hollow core door? While these doors do have positive points (for example, helping to keep a house cool), they offer very little protection against intruders. Being hollow inside, these doors can be easily kicked down by a strong burglar. …

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Four Items You Need to Convert Your Garage Into a Safe Storage Space

Your child’s going to uni, and you want to turn his room into the guest room you’ve always dreamt about. First, however, you need to find a place to store your child’s band instruments, extra clothing, books, electronics and other items he or she left behind. The garage is the ideal solution, but before placing much of what your child owns into the garage, you should take some time to prepare.

Here are four essentials that can help you convert your garage into a safe storage zone:

1. Shelving

Ideally, even if stuff is in boxes, you don’t want to set it on the floor of your garage. That makes it impossible to clean the floor of your garage with a hosepipe, and it also puts your child’s scrapbooks, clothing and old art projects closer to curious rodents or other threats. Instead, make sure to add shelving to your garage. …

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