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Hi! My name is Pam, and I recently learnt how scary it can be to hire contractors. I have to admit that in many cases, I didn't even know which questions to ask first. After remodelling my entire home, including putting in a new foundation, I learnt a lot about working with contractors, and I am going to cover all of that in this blog. I am a nurse, and I love my job. I live with my sister Beth in our parents' old home with Beth's 16-year-old daughter. I love to write, but this is one of my first public projects. I hope you like it. Thank you for reading.

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Strengthening Windows: 3 Tips for Cleaning Window Security Films

The numbers are rather startling: one home in Australia is broken into every 120 seconds. To prevent yourself from being a victim of residential burglaries and theft, secure your house to the best of your ability by upgrading to more secure locks, installing security systems and even installing window security films that will help strengthen the glass and make it a lot more difficult and time-consuming for burglars to break in. To maintain the effectiveness of the security films, keep the films clean using these 3 tips.

Use a Soft Cloth

Window security films are made from layers of strong and durable polymer that prevent the glass from shattering. While the polymer is quite tough and can endure quite a lot of wear over the years without compromising its function, you should still be careful when handling the film. Avoid using any cleaning supplies and tools that may be abrasive. Instead, always opt for a clean soft microfiber cloth instead, as it will leave zero streaks, marks or scratches on the film.

Use Ammonia-Free Cleaning Detergents

Clean your windows regularly in order to keep them nice and clear. Although window security films are rather tough, only certain brands of security films can handle ammonia-based cleaning detergents. To play it safe, always use an ammonia-free cleaning detergent.

Ammonia can break down the scratch coat of the security film, making it a lot more vulnerable to damages. It will also compromise the structural integrity of the security film, so that it cannot tolerate as much force from impact.

Clean the Windows Early in the Morning or At Night

Avoid cleaning the windows in the afternoon when the sun is blazing. The warmth from the sun will soften the security film, making it more vulnerable to damages as well. Clean the windows early in the morning or at night before the sun has had time to warm it.

If you want to be even more careful, take note of the temperature outside before cleaning the windows. Take a look at weekly weather reports, and choose a day or night that is cooler than the rest for cleaning.


Window security films can help prevent burglaries. They are rather inexpensive and tend to last for a long time, making them a worthwhile investment. The fact that you have installed window security films can even help improve the market value of your property when you list it in the future.