Questions You Might Have About Installing a Glass Shower Screen

A glass shower screen is a great way to open up a small bathroom; not only does it make the space seem bigger, but it also might reflect light so that even the smallest space seems brighter and more welcoming. They also work with any décor, so you don’t need to worry about constantly changing the shower curtain when you get new linens for the bath or decide to repaint. If you’re thinking about a glass shower screen, note a few questions you might have and then discuss these with a contractor as needed.

1. Do glass shower screens always show water stains?

If you’ve ever seen a glass shower screen with water spots or hard water buildup, note that this may be the fault of the water itself and a lack of regular cleaning. If your home has very hard water, meaning a lot of calcium and other sediment, it will leave spots on any shower screen or even a fabric shower liner. If you don’t clean a shower screen regularly, these spots can then build up so that they become a thick film on the glass. Typically, you can clean glass shower screens very quickly and easily with regular glass cleaner and a squeegee and it will always look like new.

2. Can a glass shower screen work on a corner shower or oddly shaped shower enclosure?

Note that a shower door itself doesn’t need to attach to the wall; you can have separate glass panels attached to the wall and then to each other. This allows you to “curve” the shower screen around a corner shower or oddly shaped shower enclosure; you can also keep adding as many panels as needed to conform to its shape. A shower door can then attach to one of these panels, or you can simply leave a section of the shower enclosure open for an entryway.

3. How easily do glass shower screens break?

Glass shower screens may not be outright bulletproof, but they are usually made with the same strong, tempered glass used for windows and sliding glass door walls. Some might be thinner and less impact-resistant than others, but if you have children or pets or are otherwise concerned about the safety of the glass, you can invest in the thickest and most shatter-resistant type available. This will keep your family safe in case of roughhousing, falls, toys being tossed about, and other incidents in the bath.

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