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Hi! My name is Pam, and I recently learnt how scary it can be to hire contractors. I have to admit that in many cases, I didn't even know which questions to ask first. After remodelling my entire home, including putting in a new foundation, I learnt a lot about working with contractors, and I am going to cover all of that in this blog. I am a nurse, and I love my job. I live with my sister Beth in our parents' old home with Beth's 16-year-old daughter. I love to write, but this is one of my first public projects. I hope you like it. Thank you for reading.

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Options Available When Shopping For Plasterboard

Plasterboard is one of the most underrated building supplies, but it is quite crucial in the construction of wall lining, ceilings and more. In recent years, plasterboard is available in various profiles to suit an assortment of building needs. Plasterboard is also quite user-friendly, making it one of the easiest building materials for DIYers to work with. Nevertheless, if you are embarking on a construction or renovation project in your home, it would be prudent to know what type of plasterboard would be best suited for your particular application. Here are some of the options available in the market when you are shopping for plasterboard.

Wall plasterboard

Wallboard is the basic type of plasterboard that you could buy for your construction project. This standard form of plasterboard is ideal for projects that do not require additional sound insulation or fire specifications to ensure that the structure is viable. However, if you would like the wallboard to provide some sound insulation, you could opt to install multiple layers rather than just one. With wallboard, no right or wrong side can be attached to the surface. Whether you choose to affix the white side first or the brown side, you have the flexibility to decorate the area of the plasterboard that will remain visible.

Vapour plasterboard

This form of plasterboard is characterised by having a thin film of metal adhered to the reverse surface of the board. The metallic film functions to make sure that water vapour does not permeate through the board, as this will end up causing condensation to occur in the colder parts of the plasterboard. Vapour plasterboard is especially ideal for bathrooms, but it can also be used for any parts of your home that would require some thermal insulation.

Acoustic plasterboard

This type of plasterboard is also referred to as sound reduction boards. What makes this plasterboard stand out from other profiles is its highly dense core, making it harder for sound waves to penetrate through it. Acoustic plasterboard is perfect for any thin walls around your residence, as it would help in enhancing privacy while also decreasing the noise disruption emanating from the room it is installed in. Although acoustic plasterboard does help in sound insulation, it is not designed for thermal insulation. Therefore, if it is being installed in a living space, it would be best to use it in tandem with other insulation options such as mineral wool.