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Hi! My name is Pam, and I recently learnt how scary it can be to hire contractors. I have to admit that in many cases, I didn't even know which questions to ask first. After remodelling my entire home, including putting in a new foundation, I learnt a lot about working with contractors, and I am going to cover all of that in this blog. I am a nurse, and I love my job. I live with my sister Beth in our parents' old home with Beth's 16-year-old daughter. I love to write, but this is one of my first public projects. I hope you like it. Thank you for reading.

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Building inspection services can improve the state of your property

In layman's language, a building inspection is a comprehensive report that describes the state of a property. Building inspections can be carried out on many different properties, such as commercial buildings, government buildings, and even your own home.

Engaging the right building inspections services can help you make sure your property is in the best possible condition. Building inspectors are general contractors who carry out a comprehensive analysis of your property to check for any areas that need attention. They also ensure that you're complying with code and safety standards in your area.

What does a building inspection involve?

A proper building inspection involves a comprehensive checklist of services that are carried out by the contractor on the entire property. Some of these services involve:

Checking Fire Equipment

Building inspections services check that all fire extinguishers are in place, easily accessible and properly charged. They also check that the fire alarms and the smoke and heat detectors are functional. During an inspection of commercial buildings, they ensure that fire evacuation plans are properly posted around the premises.

Rooms designated as kitchens, storage areas or laboratories also need to be utilised for those specific functions only. In addition, inspectors ensure that the appropriate personnel are authorised for access to restricted areas.

Electrical work

Electrical cords, extensions, and wiring need to be done in a safe manner throughout the building. The inspector checks that the appropriate safety standards have been adhered to in regards to electrical wiring, currents and circuit boxes.

Passageways and exits

Every commercial building needs to have properly installed passageways and exits. Staircases need to have railings for safety and support, while floors should have the proper tread so that visitors to the premises don't slip and fall.

Inspectors also ensure that exits are properly marked and fire doors are installed in the appropriate places. Passageways should have the proper lighting to provide adequate visibility within the buildings.

  Benefits of Building inspections services

  • A proper building inspection can make you aware of any code violations that you have in your building, so you can implement the necessary changes in good time.
  • When looking to purchase a property, the information from the building inspection report can help with price negotiation.
  • Professional building inspections services can provide critical advice about the current state of the building and what changes you need to implement.

These are just some of the reasons that you should invest in building inspections services for your commercial building.